Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Harvest

We've been gathering herbs from the garden for months now but now we have our first fruit! A delicious green pepper. Liam was so proud to finally pick it. It's been getting quite large for a while but we wanted to make sure it was really and truly ready. 

First Harvest

We had it for lunch yesterday, just sliced up with fresh cucumbers and homemade garlic breadsticks and marinara sauce. It was so wonderful to finally eat something we grew ourselves (herbs notwithstanding!) Today we ventured out to one of our favorite farmers' markets for the Lavender Festival and managed to come home without any veggies or fruits at all--thanks in part to our garden, but mostly to the generosity of my grandparents' garden. We couldn't pass up a loaf of our favorite brick oven fired bread, however. 

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