Monday, August 3, 2009

The Waiting Game


Assembling puzzles seems like a quiet, relatively calm way to deal with the waiting game. Our newest addition should be arriving at any day but really seems to be taking his/her sweet time! Or maybe it's just me, going a little stir crazy over here? 

Names have been decided on, car seats are clean and ready to be re-installed, small sibling gifts have been procured and each morning Liam wakes up, asking if the new baby is here yet. I'm so sorry to keep disappointing him but it can't stay this way forever!

We've been staying relatively busy--lots of birthday parties and fun events, a few appointments and even a first haircut and a first trip to the aquarium slated for later this week which is especially exciting. Is it bad that I'm wishing we get past this next weekend before the little one arrives? Is that a way to guarantee a truly spectacular entrance in the coming days?!

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