Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Go To Gifts--WIP Wednesday

We are not invited to an excessive number of birthday parties at this age but we do have the privilege of experiencing a few. Liam adores birthday parties--I actually can't think of any particular event he cares for more! This WIP is actually finished, but I thought I would share regardless. 


For this slightly older girl's fifth birthday, we brought her flowers and a nice, framed print with her name on it. Since she is entering a traditional kindergarten this fall, we won't get to see her at our regular play group so I wanted to make sure that she had something special. I simply took a photo I had taken at the Krohn Conservatory butterfly exhibit and using Picnik I added the first letter of her name and then her name itself in a fun font. I had it printed through Flickr and just placed it in an IKEA solid wood frame that I had treated with a lavender/bergamot beeswax finish. She seemed very happy with it and I was happy to use my somewhat limited crafting skills to still create something beautiful and fun! And most importantly for me, handmade. 

Butterfly Exhibit

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