Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Our front yard flower bed is pretty overrun. The extremely rainy spring, coupled with the pregnancy and the general craziness of two little ones has not been good for my gardening karma. However! I have big plans for change, very soon. 


We just planted an heirloom tomato plant out front, named Rose (also the variety) and I just picked up a pineapple mint plant and a lavender bush today from the Northside Farmer's Market so I'm really excited to get those into the ground. Liam planted his sunflower seeds in a special place some weeks ago and they are already almost as tall as Isla! Plus, we have some little yellow flowers blooming and our big bush of...well, I'm not sure. It looks like lavender but smells like honeysuckle. Any rate, it's pretty and I really should weed and mulch to make sure everyone can appreciate it. 

My girl loves playing in the front flower bed, helping her brother water the flowers, digging in the dirt or even just picking a few stray blossoms. 

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