Wednesday, December 2, 2009


How is it December? This season of our life just seems to be flying by, without even a word or thought to acknowledge its passing.

Three Months

My smallest boy is now three months old. I can scarcely believe it. It amazes me how much of his personality is already completely formed. I couldn't ask for a sweeter, more even-tempered third child.


My girl is almost two and she is definitely enjoying her freedom as the middle child and only other female. "Boys!" is one of her favorite exclamations, dare I say stated with quite a bit disdain. Oh, my dear. You have no idea.


Liam is very excited about the holidays. We are doing our advent activities with our morning home school work, in addition to two advent calendars. Since we celebrate St. Nick's Day, the Winter Solstice, and Christmas, we have quite a full month ahead of us! This weekend, we have a Holiday Faire to attend at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. I am so excited for him since this will be his first experience at the Waldorf school--the only school we would seriously consider if we decide homeschooling is not right for us.

This week is full of ornament making, holiday book reading, some baking and definitely a lot of singing. How about another round of "Deck the Halls" for everyone?

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