Saturday, November 14, 2009

Speeding Up

By the Tree

So many things are happening at this time of year that it sometimes feels as if we've been swept away and completely unable to adjust our course. Liam's birthday is next Tuesday and while my big four year old is excited my feelings are running more of the bittersweet variety. Then, we have a vegan Thanksgiving event here at our home with friends, then St. Nick's Day and the Solstice, followed by Christmas, the New Year and Isla's second birthday! Whew.

In these incredibly busy times, I have a tendency to shut down. I get overwhelmed at the noise, the amount of people invading my space, the needs and wants of my children magnified by their excitement and enthusiasm for what is to come. I need to remember to slow down, to not be swept away, to take a minute and celebrate the beauty of the coming winter, anticipate the return of light at the solstice and truly enjoy the wonder on my little ones' faces.

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