Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Beginnings

I've maintained an online journal chronicling the lives of our family since before my first son was born. Now that he nears the magical age of four, accompanied by a one year old sister and a new baby expected in early August, I can't help but think we might be ready for the next step. Our family is going through big changes--we purchased our first home, are expecting our third little one and we are dedicating ourselves to homeschooling our preschooler this fall. I'm hoping to share pictures and inspiration, our stories, many decisions and lots and lots of patience. So! Introductions: 

Ryan and Me

My name is Ashley. My husband's name is Ryan. This was us, once upon a time, in Scotland before we knew anything about our impending arrival. 


Liam. Liam will be four in November and he is truly the most magical person I have ever met.

So Not My Cup of Tea

This is our second blessing, Isla. Isla was one in January and is so different and so very special.

We live in Covington, Kentucky in the Peaselburg borough. So far, we love it here. We love the access to the larger city of Cincinnati, which is minutes from our driveway. We love our neighbors and our neighborhood, where every house is truly unique. And we love our old house, a Craftsman bungalow with lots of updates but also lots of old world charm, thanks to its very German heritage. 

What's next for us? A summer with lots of time spent outside, exploring, learning and nurturing. A new baby whose siblings are eagerly awaiting his/her arrival. The change of the season, a few birthdays and lots and lots of ice cream. I think all of these things are in store. 


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